Dogs are welcome

Finally holidays! It's not just the two-legged friends who are warmly welcome here. Your four-legged friends can also spend a well-deserved break with us. Our dog-friendly apartments offer the perfect retreat for you and your dog. If you want to go for a walk, we also have a private dog walking path.

Together with your dog you can experience the unique combination of vacation, wellness and hiking with us. A carefree holiday with your dog in the Tyrolean mountains is guaranteed!

To ensure a pleasant holiday for all guests with or without dogs, we ask you to follow our dog rules.

Dogs are not allowed on the sofa or in the bed.
Please do not use the towels/bath towels for your dog. If you need a towel for your dog, contact the reception
Dogs are not permitted in the leisure area, pool area, lawn by the pool, as well as in the sauna area and fitness room.
Leashes are required throughout the entire area, as well as in and in front of the house.

Dog poop
It is a given for dog owners to pick up dog waste in a “walking bag” and let it disappear into the nearest trash can. The fields and meadows must remain free of dog feces, otherwise the cows grazing there can become seriously ill.

Leash and/or muzzle required
The requirement to wear a leash and/or muzzle is regulated by the State Police Act and applies in the following areas.

Leash and muzzle requirement:
Valley stations, queuing areas, gondolas, subway
Hiking bus, public transport, public areas where people gather.

Leash or muzzle requirement:
on all (winter) hiking trails and climbs, on all playgrounds and adventure areas, on all cross-country ski trails


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